Digital Graffiti "Goldberg"

Once a year, a small vacation spot in the panhandle of Florida puts on a weekend long event of projecting artwork onto various buildings in the neighborhood. The event is called Digital Graffiti and is held in Alys Beach, Florida.

Most of the projections are contest based submissions, not specific to the buildings. Now in it's fifth year, Alys Beach was looking to expand on their initial investment and start exploring new ideas. At this point in time, projection mapping was running full steam, and I approached them with the idea to do just one house with new artwork created specifically for that house for just this event. They liked the idea and commissioned me to create work for a house that was closest to the main road and entrance, hoping to generate new interest. Barring a little rain, the even went off without a hitch.

My approach was to create a type of Rube Goldberg machine that happened across the face of the house. The project was a ton of fun to work on and even got a write up on Gizmodo.


Client: Alys Beach
Design: Josh Van Praag
Animator: Josh Van Praag