Google "Moving Tube"

Google was looking for a way to tell people about their fast new desktop OS and had asked Stardust to help bring some scripts they wrote to life. Each script was a common, mundane task, that everyone has gone through, but probably wished they could go through a little faster. Each video would play, and at the end, the user would be asked if they were interested in the idea, and then presented with a yes or no button choice.

Among the many ideas were an auto furniture assembler, multi grocery scanner, reverse fire pole, instant lawn mower, one trip airport people mover, super speedy telekenesis typing gloves, romantic chemistry litmus test, and fast shoes. That's not even the full list.

I chose the auto moving tube. The idea with this script was you set up the moving tube between the two residences to be moved, flick a switch on a remote, away goes gravity, and the furniture magically moves from the old location to new. That easy. This one was super fun to work on.


Client: Google
Animation Company: Stardust NY
Design: Josh Van Praag