Spike Tv "Rebrand 2011"

The network once known as the Nashville Network, then the National Network, then TNN, then Spike TV, and then just Spike, has been revamped yet again—and this time they tapped BigStar to lead the way. A natural evolution of the Spike brand, “Spike Tone” offers a fresh, versatile platform for the network to deliver its programming. It’s still Spike, but with a bolder, more refined look and a slate of new shows that’s sure to broaden its appeal, no longer just to guys, but to men...and women.


Client: Spike TV
Animation Company: Bigstar NY
Creative Director: Josh Norton
Art Director: Phil Bichsel
Producer: Rimma Dreyband
Design: Gera Frascaroli, Josh Van Praag
Animators: Josh Van Praag, Ryan Hooks
Sound Design: Michael Vitacco